Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mud Volcano that has Supernatural Resemblance to a Massive Human Eye

These unbelievable photographs show a spectacular mud volcano which looks like a huge human eye when captured from the sky. The erratic phenomenon was caught on camera on the Sakhalin Island, East Russia, at the Pugachevskiy mud volcano. From high above, the center of the volcano looks like the pupil, surrounded by a muddy brown iris. The 40 years Old Russian photographer Mikhail Mikhailov said, I didn't ever see anything like this before.

Although, there’re a lot number of mud volcanoes in the world, but this one is really special because it is resembles with the human eye. I haven't ever seen it looking like an eye! It is strongly believed, that it was a formed with a very strong eruption, the mud was getting out from one point and got spread around evenly. Therefore, the consequences created a very stunning view, looking exactly like an earth eye especially from a helicopter. It is for sure a rare and exclusive phenomenon. Generally mud volcanoes are formations created by geo-excreted gases and liquids, though the process can vary somewhat. As de-compaction occurs, gases are produced at a high rate, causing mud to become tough. As the pressure builds up, the mud is released out of the volcano through fractures in the structure. Well, the largest concentration of mud volcanoes can be found in Azerbaijan, which boasts around 400 in total, some of which have created perpetual and temporary islands.