Friday, 31 July 2015

Iceland’s Breathtaking Beauty Show off the Most Amazing Scenery in the World

From an eye-popping waterfall to a “petrified troll” in the sea, remarkable pictures reveal the magic of Iceland's rugged and stunning landscapes and that’s why the Iceland remains high on numerous holidaymakers' bucket lists. Moreover, with exquisite detail, a 60 years old tourist/photographer “Wim Denijs” captured most beautiful scenes that show fog rolling over mountains, water sweeping over the “Godafoss falls”, and a peaceful day on the water is surrounding the magnificent “Hvítserkur”, a 50ft basalt rock on the Vatnsnes peninsula. The photographer has been drawn to Iceland's exclusive landscapes ever since the 2010 eruptions of “Eyjafjallajokull”.
The natural volcanic eruption formed a gigantic ash cloud that shut almost entire Europe's airspace, grounding over 100,000 flights and ruining millions of holidays. I was so excited to discover Iceland in different way in 2010 after the eruption of the “Eyjafjallajokull” and there I really feel how small and fragile we are. We’ve no value / power, but nature is so powerful and beautiful. The creation is extremely marvelous and I’m really found of Iceland now. I saw the stunning beauty there, when melting of the glaciers, the power of nature and I became more and more a landscape-photographer. Therefore, it is very striking feel, when you are standing in the middle of a river and you see that everything's in harmony and the shapes of the mountains, the flood of the water and the colors of the sky. The God has created all these things with their power and authority.
After that I had visited Iceland 7 times since 2010, but still discovering astonishing sights. My favorite photograph is the pains of the “Vestrahorn” actually very imposing mountain in the south-east of the country. I'm particularly intrigued by culture, color and lights, including a photographic study of landscape and people's lives. I could look at a line of laundry flapping in the wind, a pair of old, hard-working couple, a crowd of people on the street, and find it very attractive. Through taking pictures I want to tell everyone that no matter what no-one is alone no one is forgotten in this world. We’re all human being belonging to nature no matter what political decisions are made.

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