Sunday, 11 January 2015

Northern Show in Iceland

Here’s are some tourists incredible photos displaying Northern Lights just like fire in sky, blending orange glow from erupting volcano in Iceland. The Northern lights dancing in the night sky while chasing with the orange glow of an erupting volcano.They say; the celestial display is well worth it as they’re able to take in the rare double treat. Even in one picture, the glow of Holuhraun Lava field at Jokulsarlon glacial lake at the edge of Iceland’s Vantnajokull National Pakr. We really love them and cannot get more of them, even extremely strong in two times when the sun activity was at peak. They were so bright, so colorful and fast, just out of this world. The real natural phenomena lasted around two hours and colorful display as “unreal”. 

This is one of the most attractive and magical places in Iceland when the combined with two of the most captivating natural phenomena it was so unreal and hard to believe. We just felt at one with nature and completely forgot everything else. Every time we see them we were wondering what the people in the old days felt when they didn't know what these lights are.The beautiful glow from the Holuhraun eruption was located almost 50 miles north of the breath-taking glacial lake, where the green, purple and orange colors reflected off the water's surface. Moreover the Holuhraun eruption started last summer and is the largest to occur in Iceland since the Laki eruption from 1783-1784.We’re sure most of the time you cannot see the purple color with your naked eye. But when they’re really strong you can see the purple, pink and red colors with your eyes. However when light is too bright to take good pictures because the foreground objects gets too dark depending whether it is full moon or not. Therefore it all depends on the strength of the sun activity. 

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