Friday, 7 November 2014

Jumbo Hostel: A Jetliner Hotel

In Sweden there’s unused runway at Arlanda airport stands a decommissioned 747-200 jetliner. This gigantic air has served plentiful airline companies around the world; the airplane was towed into the tarmac in 2008 for final time. The plane wasn’t refueled and no ground staff checked the tire pressure. In its place, it was well placed on a concrete foundation and the landing gear was secured in two steel cradles, for the 747 was to serve the rest of its life as a hotel. Therefore; Jumbo Hostel can be reached by a 15 minute walk from the main terminal or via a five-minute shuttle bus.

The hotel is well equipped with a budget dormitory, a couple of twin and three-bed combo rooms with shared shower and toilet and an extravagance suite in the converted cockpit that provide a lovely panoramic view of the airport. When it was decided to build the hotel and accommodate all the beds, the plane was stripped down to its shell. All the seats were removed and the plane was sanitized completely.

The hostel was built similar to any building, subjected to the matching demands on climate control and insulation, following to all common energy standards. Some elements of aviation were kept undamaged still, for example, the signs next to sinks advising users to wipe down the surfaces for the next passenger and warning notices around emergency exit hatches. In the flight deck, the pilot's original controls, now inoperable, adds fascination to the cockpit suite. Though plane all rooms have a flat screen television where visitors can lookout the times of departure for all flights.

All over the jetliner visitors have easy access to wireless broadband. All rooms, though, share a shower and toilet in the corridor, excluding cockpit suite and a single individual room which features their own. Moreover on the upstairs, the first class cabin has been beautifully converted into a funky 24-hour cafĂ©. The owner of Jumbo Hostel’s Oscar Dios is next plan is to put in glass shelter over the wings for boarders to sit out there and be relaxed. Sooner or later, each engine will also house a capsule-style double bedroom. Therefore if your itinerary calls for an overnight stay at Stockholm before the next flight, Jumbo Stay is an excellent choice without any doubt.