Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cerro Dragon Hill Chile

Cerro Dragon or The Dragon Hill is a massive sand dune approximately four kilometers long, situated nearby the coast in the city of Iquique in Chile. Cerro Dragons hill is varying in height from 150 to 500 meters. The hill is the largest urban sand dune in the world; only the dunes of the Sahara are higher. The dune is located on slender rocky ledge above a cliff 500 feet high that forms a natural barrier to the sea. It is thought that the Dragon Hill was created more than 20,000 years ago during the last ice age when the sea was out by a further 100 meters, revealing the shoreline to erosion and deposition by wind. Nowadays, the dune represents one of the most distinguishing landscapes of Iquique, and can be seen from throughout the city. Though, in 2005, Dragon Hill was designated a Nature Sanctuary with the purpose of protecting the geological feature from human encroachment, particularly by urban developers. Unluckily, the designation has had diminutive effect. Unfortunately the city dwellers are using the place to dump their garbage. The place is also frequented particularly by Para-gliders and sand boarding lovers.

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