Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ranu Kumbolo Lake Indonesia

Kumbolo Lake can see from hill, located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. The volcano Bromo has a distance from lake is approximately 12 KM while, volcano Semeru has a distance of approximately 7 KM. Therefore; journey is too difficult towards lake, you’ve to walk about four to five hours and cross the challenging terrain and trip strenuous enough. When you’ll arrive at Ranu Kumbolo, a definite fatigue seemed to break even with a charm and beauty and you’ll feel. The blend of evergreen trees, shrubs, blue sky becomes a reflection of its own and offers a calm and peace in the area. The beautiful Ranu Kumbolo as a refreshing oasis, natural blend of fresh green and lake views, guaranteed to remove any kind of sense of fatigue, and splendid cool atmosphere, airy conditions. Ranu Kumbolo Lake truly deserves to be a perfect place for relaxation, especially the weather at night the temperature reaches -10 degrees Celsius.

At day time, sunrise will add to your sense of awe, panoramic sunrise is very good-looking and captivating, the golden color of the light the sun reflected off the surface of the lake. No one denies the majestic beauty of Ranu Kumbolo Lake, as very few photographers who’re able to capture the beauty of this lake.  For those who like to hike, Ranu Kumbolo is the right stop to get ready their adventure. Moreover, the Lake is also providing a hut for hikers and there is camping ground to sleep over. Also, there is an ancient monument that standing on Ranu Kumbolo. Local people believe those monuments were already existed since Majapahit Empire. Fresh air, clear water, cool atmosphere is the perfect thing that the visitors can get while spending time in these wonderful lakes. Forget the daily routines, sweep away the burdens, Ranu Kumbolo is the perfect place to recharge your body and soul.

Perhaps you’d never miss this heaven on earth, because Ranu Kumbolo Lake is amazing from every side, particularly from Tanjakan Cinta. It is gorgeous savanna with very tidy green-yellowish grass all around. The Lake looks like it’s been regularly gardening by the Mother Nature. The lake has a turquoise view with very abundant fresh water. No one allowed swimming in the lake, even peeing or throwing dirty & un-hygiene stuff into the Lake.  In some distinctive occasions, it is a beloved place for pre-wedding photo session. The place is perfectly romantic for honey moon.

Source: Charismatic Planet

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Kalyan Minaret Uzbekistan

Bukhara is one of most attractive and legendary cities of world, where Kalyan minaret is a minaret of the Po-i-Kalyan mosque complex in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. It is most prominent landmarks in the city, which had been captured and destroys several times and restored again. Anyone can get general idea of the city by having upstairs in the Kalyan Minaret situated in the territory of Pio-Kalyan complex. The beautiful minaret actually is designed by Bako, and it was built by the Qarakhanid ruler Muhammad Arslan Khan in 1127 to summon Muslims to offer prayer five times a day. It is made in the form of a circular-pillar baked brick tower, narrowing upwards. 

The minaret is 149.61 ft high and the body of the minaret is topped by a rotunda with 16 arched fenestrations, from which the muezzins summoned the Muslims in the city to prayer. The minaret is also famous as the “Tower of Death” because until as recently as the early twentieth century criminals were executed by being thrown from the top. This is most remarkable sightseeing of Bukhara, which was served as a lighthouse for the caravans going through a desert. 

The Minaret has real greatness, when forces of Genghis Khan entered in the ancient city destroying everything on their way, the great commander's cap fell when he had raised the head to look round the minaret. He said: "Such great that forced me to take off the cap!" Genghis Khan gave credit for its superiority and didn't destroy. There is a brick spiral staircase that twists up inside around the pillar to the rotunda. The tower base has narrow ornamental strings belted across it made of bricks which are placed in both straight and diagonal fashion. The frieze is covered with a blue glaze with inscriptions. 

In the ancient war times, the warriors normally used the minaret as a watch tower to observatory the enemies. The Kalyan Minaret is still dominates the skyline of Bukhara, surprising all who see it with its wonderful and flawless shape. The minaret is famous, and startlingly recent, use was for public execution, where those condemned to die were thrown from the rotunda at the top to the stone courtyard below. The last recognized execution took place in the late 1920,s during the Russian Revolution. If you’re travelling to Bukhara Uzbekistan, then spare lot of time for sightseeing, and we’d be sure you wouldn’t want to miss out the top attractions of Kalyan Minaret.  

Bigar Waterfall Romania

Several peoples could not believe to see photos of real nature and said, “That just can’t be real”. The Bigar Waterfall pictures are one of them. Bigar Waterfall looks like something straight out of a fairytale. Bigar Waterfal is a protected area situated in the administrative territory of Bozovic which is in Caras severin County in southwestern Romania. Bigar Waterfall is located in the Anina Mountains in western part of Romania, this waterfall has found itself on myriad lists of fabulous places around the world and one of the most beautiful places in Romania and we can certainly understand why.

Bigar Waterfall drops in vertical stream from a moss-covered cliff and an underground water spring combine to create this beautiful and unique piece of nature. Bigar Waterfall is considered most unique & gorgeous waterfall in Romania. The underground spring streams from the cave above and then falls into Minis River. The lovely waterfall also occurs when melt water drops over the edge of a tabular iceberg or ice shelf. But, all of the waterfalls don't look exactly like this. There are waterfalls that are so unusual and unique, to provoke disbelief and amazement of visitors. These wonders of nature are very rare and still largely unidentified to most people.

Well; according to The World Geography publication, the Bigar Cascade Fall from Caras-Severin is one of the most attractive waterfalls in Romania, astonishing through its remarkable show of the water spread in hundreds of threads on the green moss covered cliff, creating a elegant water veil. Two hundred meters above waterfall there is Izbucul Bigar that springs from a cave. These are surely exclusive landscapes. Moreover Bigar Cascafe Fall the visitors can like the artificial lake on the Minis Valley, Pestera Buhui (Buhui Cave) and Buhui Lake. They can get accommodation in Anina town or Resita town, the roads being practicable through the year.

 Source: Charismatic Planet