Friday, 20 June 2014

Magnificent Rare Wildflower Blooms in the Deserts of Colorado Plateau

Perhaps everyone has idea of “desert” mainly a barren land, with no great benefits. But The Colorado Plateau is a unique desert with a wildlife flowers with few scattered areas of forests. When you see the pictures, you’ll see clearly visible uncounted cracks in the parched earth, but for a very limited time in every few years, this barren desert is transformed into a fairy-tale carpet of purple and yellow flowers.

The unique occasion didn’t happen every year, these scorpion weed and bee plants flowers given the right combination of winter precipitation and April sunshine and blooms for just a few days before disappearing again for periods lasting several years. 

During winter months precipitation generally exceeds potential evaporation, therefore moisture remains in the soil for use by plants. If snow or rainfall does not fall in winter, the seeds will not germinate in spring and the flowers won’t bloom. Therefore; the magic beauty is best appreciated in phtographs only, because the plants gives off a foul smell like human body odour and gives a nasty rash when touched similar to the touching of poison ivy or poison oak. These beautiful photographs were taken by Guy Tal who is specialist in the landscapes of the Colorado Plateau, documents the rare desert blooms in stunning photographs.  Visit his website for more pictures.