Sunday, 23 February 2014

Palouse Falls Washington USA

The Palouse Falls lies on the Palouse River, about 6 kilometers upstream of the confluence with the Snake River in southeast Washington, United States. The falls are 198 ft in height, and consists of an upper falls with a drop of ~20 feet which lies 1,000 feet north northwest of the main drop, and a lower falls, with a drop of ~180 feet.The height of the plunge pool and the top pool both vary with river flows, but not uniformly.
The flow peak for 2009 was 8,300 cu ft/s and river top pool elevation was 12 feet higher than when the measurements were made. The estimated plunge pool elevation difference between January and August was 7 feet .Hence there is a 5-foot variability in the height of falls over this period.The likely height of the falls at the main drop during the highest waterfall record attempt was between 175 and 180 feet.