Saturday, 15 February 2014

Arenal Volcano National Park Costa Rica

The Arenal Volcano National Park mainly made of primary forest, and consist of four different life zone and harbors a marvelous amount of flora and fauna. It is projected 850 species of birds can be found in this place, and 75% have been identified so far. The lovely creatures of God include white faced capuchin monkey, deer, coati, sloths, snakes, parrot, and boa constrictor. The different plant includes Laurel, Guayabo de Monte, Orchids, Ferns, Cirri, Palms, and Heliconias.
The Arenals Smaller and Chato Volcano which resides at a height of 1140 meters, has been inactive for 3500 years and has a crater which is filled with Aqua Blue Water. The park amenities make staying here is quite pleasant. The National Park has many walking trails and normally open from 8 AM to 6PM with the entrance fee is only $6. Hotels are easily available within and outside of the La Fortuna only 6.4 Kilometer from Arenal Volcano. This town is small, central and warm and good place to eat, shopping, Groceries, and many more.
La Fortuna is favorite town for those who made friends with the locals at the Lava Lounge. There are several tourist places in the world where the locals do not like the tourists. But this place is totally different from that places as lot tourist like to plan to spend more time here. The Arenal people are nicest peoples. This is such a beautiful city, and everyone would love to come back. It is awesome doing all sorts of touristy things yet not encountering a massive ton of other tourists. The place is a great tourist attraction, though if you stay in a hotel away from the town center you feel the serenity of the place.
The Park has great attractions and lot of activities within this area, such as Horseback rides, Leisurely Safari Floats, water sports on Lake Arenal, Swimming, Natural Scenery, canoeing, fishing, kite surfing, hiking, waterfall repelling, canopy and hanging bridge tours. The breathtaking La-Fortuna Waterfall cascade the drops into a misty pool only 5 kilometer of La Fortuna. A one day trip is sufficient or short hike or horseback ride drops tourist into the base of pool where you can enjoy with swimming, nature photos. The volcano’s geothermal activity heats lots of underground water flumes. Because local landowners tapping into this natural source have formed a number of beautiful hot springs, which are varied and indulgent some have waterslides, and cold pools and provides visitors a perfect way to end a day in Arenal.
No matter if you’re professional or amateur, Arenal Botanical Gardens are just few miles outside of town, where you can find more than 2,500 species of tropical plants. Several are consider rare and unique types of bromeliads, orchids, roses, and ferns. Beautiful birds and butterflies flit through the gardens perch in a tree or rest on a flower.
Venado Caves nearby Arenal feel like a different planet, located 3 kilometer outside of town Venado (45 minute drive La Fortuna). The caves are spelunking and real adventure seeker dream, feature stalagmites, stalactites, and subterranean steams, and even bats hanging from the ceiling, fish swimming in the streams, and colorless frogs clinging to the rocks.  
Nature buffs will relish one day trip to the Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge, which is located near the border with Nicaragua. You can explore this vast network of wetlands and the colossal Caño Negro Lake offers plentiful opportunities to spot birds and other tropical creatures. There is something for everyone here. The quaint town, lovely surroundings and plenty activities make Arenal one of the cornerstone destinations of Costa Rica.