Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fortress st.Nikola,Šibenik,Croatia

St. Nicholas Fortress is a fortress situated in the town of Šibenik, one of the oldest native Croatian towns in central Dalmatia, Croatia. Only St. Nicholas Fortress is at sea, at the entrance of Šibenik port, and the other three are on land. St. Nicholas Fortress was built on the left side at the entrance of the St. Anthony channel, on the island called Ljuljevac, in front of the Šibenik port. The fortress is one of the most respected and best preserved examples of defense architecture in Dalmatia. The fortress is made of brick because this material was considered to be most resistant to cannon balls, while the foundations are made of stone. Though defense capabilities of the fortress have never been tested in military operations, the structure still proved effective in protecting the city from sea-bound enemy attacks. During the centuries of use, the structure served to various armies and has undergone a number of renovations, few of them made essential because of the development of arms. It was completely abandoned by the military in 1979 and has been in renovation ever since.
Type                                     Fortress Castlesymbol.png
Built in                                  1540.-1547.
Built by                                 Hyeronimus di San Michaela
Construction materials           Limestone
Current condition                  Preserved
Current owner                      Šibenik, Croatia

Controlled by                       Republic of Venice