Friday, 6 February 2015

Discover Chile in 90 seconds

If you're traveler and wanted to go Chile, then take a look of this video. You'll realize how beautiful Chile is. The scenic nature really inspires to go out and take some breath in real nature. From the driest desert in the world to the glaciers of Patagonia, Chile offers a range of rich natural landscapes. In this video platform to you can set the challenge of synthesizing all the beauty of the country in just a minute and a half. Travel through Chile and discover a whole world!

Descubre Chile en 90 segundos | Voyhoy from Voyhoy on Vimeo.

Beyond Nature II Chile and Bolivia

This is second part of Beyond Nature series, as usual with amazing time-lapse work, and even more amazing the framing and sharpness. Peoples are bewilder, how the way in which artist were able to catch the majesty and power that the nature complexity to the images and of course the salt flats were unreal. The slight pans and zooms add a real sense of the scale of the surroundings, compelling and moving vision and locations.

BEYOND NATURE II - Bolivia & Chile Timelapse from aprilgarden on Vimeo.

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- Music : clouds and contrails by Davis Harwell
- Samsung Galaxy NX30 / 12-24 / 30 / 50-200mm

Beyond Nature Iceland

Wow! Amazing video, this is what we really adore and believe time lapse is fantastic. The video is made with very thoughtful process in composition and editing and some awesome scenes selected. The video is so inspiring, gorgeous, and very peacefully and everyone would love to do same efforts. With great technique and various breathtaking shots makes this video unique. The intensely blue turquoise colors of the lake, the pink orange sky, sprawling and pristine landscape, stunning glaciers and valleys. You’d feel on perfect planet you’d thought. 

BEYOND NATURE Iceland Timelapse - 아이슬란드 from aprilgarden on Vimeo.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Walk in Nature

A walk in Nature is beautiful video, made by Fabio Palmieri, reflecting true Mother Nature. When they drive more than 5000km, they felt to slow down a bit and to continue our journey on foot. This short clip is the result of two weeks walking in nature, enjoying wonderful landscapes and breathtaking views of North Eastern Europe. What a magnificent 'walk'! We loved it so much. We love the close-ups and animal shots mixed with the scenery. It's always amazing to experience the levels of nature, from the canyon-waterfall to the mosquito on your shoulder.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Hidden Rocky Island “Monemvasia”

Well, Monemvasia is just like a Gibraltar. Monemvasia is a like a rocky island on the east coast of the Peloponnese in Greece, interconnected with mainland by a small causeway. This is natural beautiful island, which are 300 meters wide and a one kilometer a long approx. It rises in a plateau, almost a hundred above sea level. Therefore on the slope of this plateau, on the seaward side and hidden from the mainland lies a beautiful small town. This oddly dreamy walled town, nestled under the shadow of the towering rock is a living museum of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Venetian history dating back to the 13th century.

The name “Monemvasia” is derived from two Greek words, mone and emvasia, meaning "single entrance" and refers to the narrow causeway which is the only way to enter the town. Monemvasia was settled in the 6th century by the residents of ancient Laconia seeking refuge from the Slavic invaders who ruled much of Greece in between 500 to 700 AD. Due to massive earth quake the rocky island had been separated from the mainland in 375 AD. But with the passage of times, the several centuries changes the history, Monemvasia changed hands again and again, back and forth, between the Venetians and the Turks, until it was liberated during the Greek War of Independence in the early 19th century.

Therefore in the World War II the New Zealand six Brigades numbering quite a few thousand men was successfully evacuated on April 28th 1941 mostly from the causeway and the two piers. But soon after the Germans entered in Monemvasia, and which was not used as a defensive position but rather as a place for wounded soldiers to recover. This attractive island was originally settled on the top of the plateau, which is now referred to as the “Upper Town”. However; progressively the settlement spread down the hill, and big thanks to its exclusively well-defended position, developed into an influential town. However; in the declining days of the Byzantium Empire, Monemvasia becomes emerge a main city and one of the great commercial centers of the Byzantium world and a key trading port, with a population of just 40,000. However by the 18th century, Monemvasia went into decline until it was re-discovered by travelers in the 1970’s.

Slowly, but gradually the town is resurging in rank, and emerging into unique tourist destination with an increasing numbers of tourists visiting the region during the summer. The medieval buildings have been restored, and many of them converted to hotels, and there’re plenteously of places to eat. There’re quite few places to visit, and most popular places of interest are Christos Elkomenos Square, and The Fortress. There’re myriad hotels available here, which are offering comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms and suites are fully equipped and have balconies overlooking the sea and the rock of Monemvasia offering guests a quiet and friendly environment. The friendly atmosphere, outstanding service and amenities offered will make your stay memorable. Sour: Charismatic Planet