Friday, 23 August 2013

Gocta or Catarata del Gocta Waterfalls Peru

Gocta  or in Spanish called Catarata del Gocta is a perpetual waterfall with two drops located in Peru's province of Chachapoyas in Amazonas, about 700 KM to the northeast of Lima. Gocta Falls flows into the Cocahuayco River. Gocta waterfalls at a height it is the tallest waterfall in Peru, and among the 14 tallest waterfalls in the world. Unfortunately it wasn't flowing much due to it being the dry season, but it was an impressive sight none the less. Sitting at the bottom of the falls, surrounded by a shear rocky amphitheatre watching the transparent falling water disintegrate in the wind was a nice reward after a sweaty hike from the entrance. However; the waterfall had been well known to locals for centuries. This is world’s one of most beautiful waterfall, which is not well aware by locals, until an expedition made in 2005 by a German, Stefan Ziemendorff, with a group of Peruvian explorers. Tourists can now hike the trails by foot or horse to the misty base of the waterfall. The nearby town of Chachapoyas is located at an altitude of 7657 ft. The Gocta waterfall is at a slightly higher altitude and thus clouds can be seen to occasionally eclipse part of the view.

Shi Feng Water Fall Pingxi District, Taiwan

Shifen waterfall is a beautiful scenic waterfall located in Pingxi District, Taiwan, on the upper reaches of the Keelung River. The lovely Shifen waterfalls total height is 66 feet and 40 meters in width, making it the broadest waterfall in Taiwan.It is a cascade waterfall in which the water flows in one direction and the rock is sloped in the opposite. Every year thousands of visitors visit this awesome place for fun and joy.