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Friday, 13 November 2015

The Ultimate Robinson Resort in Caribbean Island

Moonhole, a resort nestled under a rocky arch surrounded by the turquoise Caribbean waters, boasts five quaint houses offering spectacular sea views now available for holidaymakers to rent. The ultimate unique cluster of stone houses was built by adventurous couple Tom and Gladdie Johnston in the 1960s actually a castaway at a Caribbean island hideaway built under a volcanic arch. It is an ideal place who likes to castaway and immerses themselves in nature. Therefore, travellers can explore the spectacular Bequia area by day, either by scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing or hiking round the striking landscape, and at night time, visitors can relax overlooking the sea on the terraces dotted around the picturesque location.

Well, so keep the natural things intact, its natural aesthetic, water for the resort is composed from rain, with solar and wind power used for energy. However, tourists are made contented by the 12 staff who works at Moonhole, including a cook and a housekeeper. They were quickly fell in love with the place and ended up buying the entire 30-acre plot bneath the natural arch of volcanic rock with the dream of building their ideal hideaway home. Both haven’t formal trained for an architect, but brilliant used plans sketched in the sand and trial and error approach to construction. Moreover, rainwater was collected from the roofs to use for washing and bathing, and rooms and stairways were built around trees rather than cutting them down. 
After that, they decided to register their company in 1964 (Moonhole Company Limited) and transferred the land titles to the company. As the time passes further 16 more houses were built, including a commissary and office as well as living quarters for the growing Moonhole staff. Therefore, when Tom was died in 2001 the houses conditions started to deteriorate with legal battles springing up regarding the ownership of the buildings. The prices for the houses falling in between ranged from £200,000 to £795,439, with 11 being sold after his death. Though, now the Moonhole Trust is dedicated to the upkeep of the five idyllic houses that remain, along with the protection of local marine life.