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Monday, 10 September 2018

Giant Hands Lift up The Golden Bridge Vietnam

In the mountains above Da Nang, Vietnam sits a rare piece of bridge design. It is called The Golden Bridge, a 490 feet long pedestrian bridge in the Bà Nà Hills resort. The Golden Bridge is designed to connect the cable car station with the gardens and to provide a scenic overlook for tourist attraction. The five meter wide, pedestrian bridge is support by simple steel with the two giant stone hands acting purely as decoration. The Golden Bridge has a timber deck with stainless steel handrails colored golden. It creates a walkway in the sky, among the foggy and fairy-like lands of Ba Na Mountain. The bridge loops nearly back around to itself, and hands designed to appear to support the structure. The bridge is avoiding a steep incline. The bridge opened for public in June 2018.  It is a latest tourist attraction in Da Nang previously the site of an American base during the Vietnam War. And now, a vacation hot spot for tourists.  

The Golden Bridge hands are decorated with cracks and moss to make them look like aged stone ruins. The remarkable appearance of two huge grips looks like they drew the bridge out from the land and adore it as it were a gift from nature. The mix of city, beach, and mountains is drawing people to the area. The China Beach is for fresh seafood and good waves. Marble Mountains are for exploring temples and caves. Now the city itself offers for a burgeoning culinary scene.

The client for the project was the Sun Group. A curved golden bridge designed by TA Landscape Architecture based in Ho Chi Minh City. The company's founder, Vu Viet Anh, was the principal designer. Initially Sun Group was hesitant about the design, have concerned about this bridge. But it took months too persuaded by the practice for final design. The Ba Na Hills, a popular getaway for the French during the colonial occupation of Vietnam, received over 2.7 million visitors last year, according to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. This project looks like humans can do anything. You will feel to walk on clouds as it’s so unique. Source: CP

Monday, 16 March 2015

Explore the World Largest Cave (Hang Son Doong)

Experience the world’s largest cave, Vitenam’s Hang Son Doong, from a quadcopter’s POV. The video was filmed by Ryan Deboodt near the entrance and the first and second dolines (skylights), which are 2.5 and 3.5 km inside the cave respectively. Ryan Deboodt used the following stuff: Canon 6D, Canon 16-35mm f4, DJI Phantom 2, GoPro Hero 4 Black. If you are really passionate about to learn more about the cave, there’s a great feature by National Geographic from 2011. In fact this is epic effort, and I’m sure you’d really enjoyed this video. Amazingly beautiful shot, our mother nature is extremely beautiful.  Thank you for your work!.

Hang Son Doong from Ryan Deboodt on Vimeo.