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Friday, 19 July 2019

Shifen Waterfall – The Little Niagara of Taiwan

In the Pingxi District, New Taipei City, a gorgeous 20 meters waterfall named Shifen Waterfall lies. The scenic waterfall is 130ft in width making it the broadest waterfall in Taiwan. The water flows in one direction and the rock is sloped in the other side. This is perhaps insanely beautiful and famous waterfall in Taiwan not tall nor as wide but incredibly powerful.
The waterfall name derived from the ten original families, who developed the area in Pingxi. It is also known as Little Niagara of Taiwan. Because the horseshoe shape mimics North America’s most famous waterfall.  Shifen Waterfall riverbed consists of many potholes causing uneven flow of the river. Therefore, this reason creating vortexes which trap passing rocks and reasoning hem to spin and carve holes.
Moreover, Shifen Waterfall accessible within walking distance of Shifen railway station. If you get bored from the constant flow of Taipei traffic. Then Shifen Waterfall is an excellent spot to relax in the beautiful nature. This is an electric place full of excitement? Walking on the two pedestrian suspension bridges make its real beauty, as turquoise river passing luscious green mountains. It’s really easy to get to Shifen from Jiufen and takes maybe 30-40 minutes or less as well as not being far from Keelung.
There are several places where you can take selfies and nature photographs. The Shifen Waterfall park has some shops and food stalls and a pond with lots of koi. Some tourists believe Shifen waterfall is much bigger and more magnificent as compared to the Golden waterfall. If you are lucky enough to have the full sunshine upon it, probably chance of rainbows hanging over the waterfall, perfect for photographers!
Your appetite may be whetted to see the scenic beauty of Shifen Waterfall in Taiwan. The waterfall retained much of its ataurique scenery as the Taipei government be able to control of the area. Moreover, some other waterfalls nearby to the loop trail’s exit called Yanjingdong Waterfall and Eyeglasses Waterfalls.
Shifen Waterfall attracts numerous tourists from Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, and Korea, and their sightseeing routes usually include Shifen Old Street. It is also suggested to tourists to pay the visit other charming small towns along the TRA Pingxi Branch Line, such as Jingtong, Pingxi, Lingjiao, and Houtong. So, visiting the Shifen Waterfall and Shifen Old Street may be a great day trip out of Taipei city. Source: CP

Friday, 3 August 2018

Houtong Cat Village

In Taiwan there is a village which was famous once for monkeys, then coal, and now cats and lots of them. Houtong, which means "monkey cave, is located in Ruifang District New Taipei. Houtong Cat Village was originally called ‘Kau-tong’ due to the existence of a cave inhabited by monkeys in the early days. The area was once a small mining town, famous for a well preserved culture surrounding its railway. The village good old days, the area produced more than 220,000 tons of coal per year. The largest coal output of a single area in Taiwan. In 1920, a purification factory was built, ultimately attracted myriad immigrants to the area. The town was gradually prosperous to 900 households to 6000 people.
Unfortunately the area was tending to decline in 1990’s due to decline in mining industry. The young generation begins to migrate to search for other opportunities. Eventually only few hundred inhabitants remained due to mining industry had died out. In 2008, a local cat lover Peggy Chien organized volunteers to start offering abandoned cats a better life. He was passionate cat lover to make things happen by posting cats images online. His passion turns in an overwhelming response from other cat lovers around the world.
The public fell in love with the adorable cats and the village once again flourishing. As the word spreading out, Houtong Cat Village became center for cat lovers. Since, number of cats living there increased got attention all parts of the world. Thus, reviving a declining village is transforming into a tourist destination. Interestingly some cats are sterilized and will have one of their ears trimmed as confirmation. Hence, this helps to keep check on the local population of cats, and also support in identify new cats which enter into the village. Black, ginger, calico, tortoise shell, white and grey, fat and fatter, friendly and shy, there’re different cats of every wondrous kind in Houtong.
Though most of the cats hang out in the collection of cottages that cling to the hillside, they can be found roaming all over Houtong Village. Now, the Houtong Cat Village is prospering, featuring cafes, shops, relaxing places and restaurants catering to the many visitors who descend on this feline frontier every weekend. Cat lovers can see cats lounging in flower pots, loafing on shelves, padding up steps, jumping off roofs and spread out, sleeping, over stalls of kitty-themed souvenirs.
Houtong Cat Village is located near the origin of the Keelung River. The pristine, green waters of the river are accessible via steps. Drivers entering the town are greeted with a sign that reads 'A lot of stray cats’ here. Drive slowly. Moreover, A black covered “cat bridge” has been constructed above the busy railway, to allow safe passage for the cats. Houtong’s cats are remarkably good-natured, though they are usually being chased, petted and photographed by visitors. Source: CP
Obvious signage instructs visitors how to interact with the cats. The cats should be left alone unless they start contact, and they shouldn't be distraught or chased, the signs instruct. People who choose to feed the cats should clean up afterward, and flash photography is discouraged. The volunteers and doctors do regular neutering and injections to make sure the population is healthy and stable. And some people abandon their own pets there or even steal cats from the village.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Taroko Gorge Taiwan

Taroko Gorge is also famous as “Marble Gorge” due to ample supply of marble in the region. It is an impressive 19-kilometers long canyon, found at north of Hualien on Taiwan's east coast, not far from the Pacific Ocean. Taiwan this part is rising because of the subduction of Philippines Sea Plate under the Eurasian Plate. More than hundred million years ago, the massive pressure lifted the region above the surface of the ocean, which in result the heat and pressure turned the limestone rocks into marble. Ultimately, the erosive power of Liwu River carved a path via the marble to form Taroko Gorge.

The Taroko Gorge is situated approximately 60 kilometers from the coast, which is home to some of the tallest peaks in Taiwan at more than 3,400 meters. Until the 1950s only a trail ran through the gorge. Nowadays the Central Cross-Island Highway runs across the wall of the gorge. Notwithstanding its name, the Central Cross-Island Highway is a slender and winding mountain road with plentiful bends. The Tunnel of Nine Turns is a widespread spot that takes drivers dramatically near to the edge of the gorge. This part is now firmly pedestrians only as vehicular traffic is routed through another tunnel.

Therefore; the Central Cross-Island highway is listed as one of the most treacherous roads because of the rugged and uneven terrain. Heavy rain from typhoons often dislodges soil and rocks onto the highway making sections of it impassable. Flooding happens widely both as a result of the amplified discharge of the river and as a result of water cascading onto the road from the neighboring cliffs. This area is prone to seismic activity. As one drives through the gorge, they will encounter various tourist spots including a Zen monastery, and an old settlement of Truku aboriginals now with museums and handicraft shops. The gorge terminates at a small village of Tiansiang where there is a lovely pagoda and a temple. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Sanxiantai Taiwan

Sanxiantai is an area containing a beach and a number of islands located on the coast of Taitung County, Taiwan. The beach stretches for 10 KM in length, and it is situated at the 112-KM mark. It is a popular tourist attraction for its rocky coastal views; the area is famous for its long footbridge that linked the coast to the largest island.
The three massive rocks that make up the island's most protuberant feature have given rise to a local legend that three of China's Eight Immortals once landed there; hereafter the name of the island, which means "terrace of the three immortals. The lovely island is surrounded by coral reefs and a multitude of tropical fish, making this a perfect place for skin diving.
You can find out more about these natural wonders and ecology of this zone before departing on your tour from the Sanxiantai Visitor Center. Sanxiantai is ecologically very rich due to the lack of human disturbance, screw pine trees can be seen everywhere on the island. It is also a perfect spot for the study of coastal plants like the Taiwanese date palm, white dogwood, and bay bean.
The place is classified as a nature reservation in Taiwan, from the southern tip to Jihui, there are lovely coral reefs and tropical fish, it is said to be the most stunning place for the undersea exploration in Taiwan.

Source: Charismatic Planet 

Monday, 30 September 2013

Shifen Waterfall Pingxi District, Taiwan

Shifen waterfall is a beautiful scenic waterfall located in Pingxi District, Taiwan, on the upper reaches of the Keelung River. The lovely Shifen waterfalls total height is 66 feet and 40 meters in width, making it the broadest waterfall in Taiwan.It is a cascade waterfall in which the water flows in one direction and the rock is sloped in the opposite. Every year thousands of visitors visit this awesome place for fun and joy.