Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Nankana Sahib Lake Resort

Nankana Lake Resort is located two miles from Nankana Sahib City, in the heart of Punjab. The resort is located on the border of two old land grants of the mid-15th century; Rai Bular’s Estate and the old Rajput trail through authentic Punjabi villages approx. 90 Kilometers from Lahore.Nankana Sahib Lake Resort is nice place to have one day picnic with your family friends. It’s not far away from Lahore. Due to short time, i could not manage to cover most part of point. However, it’s not a rush place expect local holidays. If you want to go there, then choose the Saturday or week day.
The entry ticket is Rs. 250 per head for schools, and Rs. 350 per head for families. It includes: Entry to the Resort, Horse Riding, Ziplining, Boating, Music Show, Mini Golf (for families only). Nankana Lake Resort follows an early precedent set by Rai Bular, the pioneer who founded the original City of Talwandi (now Nankana Sahib) that has attracted visitors to the area from all over the world since 1457 A.D. The resort provides guests with the very best of facilities in which to relax and get away from the urban noise.

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