Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Hand of Desert in Chile

Somewhere in the Atacama Desert of Chile lies an astonishing monument “Mano del Desierto”, or the Hand of the Desert. In first look, it seems to be a science-fiction item, but actually it is a 36 feet high sculpture. However “Mano del Desierto” is a symbol of the contrasting ideas which shows how small, helpless and stranded humans are. The Chilean Artist Mario Irarrazabal has created this massive hand sculpture popular in his domain of sculpting hand made things. In fact weird as they may seem, and his efforts are acclaimed all over the world due to their innovative and emotion they express. 

The nearest town from this monument is Antofagasta around 75KM away. Nonetheless, visitors are crazy to see this marvelous effort of Mario Irarrazabal, and have catches surprise popularity throughout the year. Irarrázabal used the human figure to express emotions like injustice, loneliness, sorrow and torture and it is an easy victim of graffiti and is therefore cleaned occasionally.

However, it was built around nearly 25 years ago in March 28, 1992, seems just as if it was made of sand the sculpture is very resistant. The local organization “Corporaction Pro Antofagasta” support in construction of Hand, made by iron and cement. It’s a must visit place can be visited any time of year. His another popular works include an over-sized sculpture exploring the same idea, named "Monument to the Drowned" is located on Parada 4 at Brava Beach in Punta del Este, a famous resort town in Uruguay. 

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