Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Uli Biaho Tower, Pakistan

Uli Biaho is a steep mountain near Trango Towers and Baltoro Glacier in the Gilgit–Baltistan area of Pakistan. It consists of two main peaks, Uli Biaho Tower, 6,109 m feet, and Uli Biaho Peak 6417 m. It was first climbed by the American Expedition team, John Roskelley, Bill Forrest, Kim Schmitz and Ron Kauk, in the Alpine style on July 3, 1979. Moeover, Roskelley included a chapter on Uli Biaho in his 1993 book Stories Off the Wall.

Then in 2006, Uli Biaho Tower June 23–25, 2006 climbed by Gabo Cmarik and Jozef 'Dodo' Kopold. In 2013, Uli Biaho Tower July 21, 2013 climbed by Matteo Della Bordella, Luca Schiera and Silvan Schüpbach. It’s one of those natural attractions that you can’t afford to miss if you’re traveling to this part of Pakistan. If you’re not daring enough to climb the peak, that’s fine, otherwise many have tried and failed. But you can still enjoy its scenic views by watching it from afar.

Moreover, Uli Biaho Tower in the Baltoro region of Pakistan new route climbed a long snow and ice gully to the foot of the left side of the upper tower, and then traversed onto the face behind the left arête and climbed the face for 18 pitches to the top. A recurring phenomenon you’ll experience in Himalayan very special some fleeting, magical moment in the mountains. World famous rock walls are here in Pakistan inviting the rock climber to test their skills.

This is the place to love, because wonderful view to Great Trango with 2000 vertical metres from base to summit, Uli Biaho tower and its never-ending avalanches, stunning Nameless tower, wild Hainabrakk tower and others. There is no doubt that this is the right place for climbers who are looking for something special. Uli Biaho demanded a spirited team not peoples, who went there just for fun and party.