Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Mysterious Rock of Mahabalipuram India

All across the world peoples encounter enigmatic ancient monuments, buildings, structures or artifacts rock formations that are somehow related to know The Power of Real God. One such intriguing structure can be found in India. The mysterious rock which is not rolling more than 1300 years steel dare stand under his teetering 250 ton rock in India. The rock perches precariously on hill defied gravity hasn’t stopped daredevil visitor taking pictures under it. Indeed it is a miracle and science has no answer to how such huge rock weighing 250 tonnes, has managed to stay on a base- area of just 4 ft.

The Krishan’s Butter Ball also called Vaanirai Kal has been sitting on a 45 degree slope in Mahabalipuram more than 1300 years.  The robust 20 feet rock clearly defy gravity, seems will roll at any moment, and all efforts gets in vain so far. There’re various superstitions among the local peoples, who believes, this is fixed by Gods who wanted to prove their power. However, researchers believe simply as a natural formation nothing else. Moreover, geologists argue that natural corrosion is perhaps to have produced such an abnormal shape. 

Thus, the Hindu religion has notions of different opinions. The Pallava King “Narasimhavarman” actually ruled Southern India from 630 to 668 AD, tried to dislodge the round stone but couldn’t succeed.  Therefore, the various peoples put in their efforts to move on rock, from time to time, but no one gets succeed. A similar endeavor was undertaken in 1908 by the Governor of Madras Arthur Lawley, but their mission was unsuccessful. 

He wanted to save his locals peoples at the base of hill, and eventually he has used seven powerful elephants to roll in rock, but without any luck the mission failed. Now a days, the rock has becomes very famous tourist place to pose photographs under its base.  Both children and adults are eager to see this mysterious rock that just cannot be moved by any means. Even number of daredevil tries to pull it down. Moreover, so many tourists used the base as sun shield. So far, it has proved to be totally impossible to move the boulder. Source: Charismatic Planet