Saturday, 16 January 2016

Niulanjiang Waterfall China

No doubt waterfalls are absolutely natural wonders on planet earth, and would be a spectacular experience to see them up close, particularly this one in China which is entirely man-made. Therefore, the largest man-made waterfall named Niulanjiang Waterfall has opened to the public in Kunming in China’s Yunnan Province. This is easily called largest man-made water in Asia as well. 

This stunning waterfall is 12.5 meters high and 400 meters wide, and was formed as part of a project designed to divert water from the Niulan River into Dianchi Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in Yunnan. Moreover the diversion will not only support shrink flooding in the Niulan River but will also help in function as a water supply for emergencies. This beneficial project took almost two years to complete at a cost of 1.1 billion yuan (approximately 170 million US dollars). 

A beautiful park was made around the waterfalls for public could come and enjoy the scenery for free. It has created a new unique water landscape of Kunming. Furthermore it is notify that there’s 60% underground water has been polluted in China, and water quality has been a big problem for China, therefore, water resource shortage and worsened water resource environment are not only the restricted condition of our drainage area economic development, but also have led to a bad influence on human’s health. Source: Charismatic Planet