Friday, 1 January 2016

Hole N' The Rock, Utah

Well, different people shows their love with different way, just like some dads build their kids tree houses, but in the treeless desert of southeastern Utah, “Albert Christensen’s” only likely alternative was a cave. A badass dad that he was, Albert Christensen blasted the rocks off a sandstone cliff face near U.S. Highway 191, so that his sons could sound sleep at night. Therefore he continued drilling and getting bigger the cave for twelve years until it was big enough for both him and his wife to move in in 1952.
Thus, the 5,000 square foot subterranean house is equipped with ample 14 rooms arranged around giant pillars, a beautiful fireplace with a 65-foot tall chimney and a lovely deep bathtub built into the rock. Though, Albert Christensen was building a hundred-foot tall staircase when he died.  Moreover the stairs would have cut up to the top of the rock, where his wife would have arranged a rock garden. Therefore, after her husband’s death, Gladys continued to increase the property, opening a gift shop and giving tours of her home until she passed away in 1974. 

These days, the Christensen family house welcomes travelers along U.S. Highway 191 with vast painted white letters on the cliff face that scream "Hole N' The Rock". Furthermore, the sculpture of Franklin D. Roosevelt on the face of the rock above his home was also made by Albert. Thus, most of the original furnishings, Alberta's paintings and Gladys's doll collection, along with Albert’s taxidermy specimens two stuffed horses, donkey,  and are left untouched as a memorial. 

Likewise also displayed several of the tools used to make this home. Albert and Gladys’ graves are placed in an alcove a short walk from the entrance. In 2000 “Hole N' The Rock” was purchased by Erik and Wyndee Hansen from Gladys' son, Hub Davis. They have added a trading post, an outdoor petting zoo, a giant cactus made of bowling balls, and a two-story outhouse. Thus, when you travel at U.S. Highway 191, this is a must visit place. You’ll definite like Albert and Glady’s home.