Monday, 2 November 2015

The Haunting Cliff face Appear to be Giant Skull When Reflected in Still Waters of Lake District

The frightening sight of a massive skull has been spotted in the rocks of a remote area of the Lake District which is believed to have claimed the lives of countless divers. The terrifying cliff face and its eerie reflection in the waters of the lake create mysterious illusion of a sinister skull on its side emerging from the darkness. Therefore, the hunting picture can be visible in the still water of disused Hodge Close slate quarry near Coniston in Cumbria. Thus, the abandoned quarry, which is 70 metres deep from the surface and has a 20 metres deep lake, is pierced with underwater tunnels. Hence, the quarry was an open pit from the 19th century to the early 1960s which has now flooded over time. Nowadays, this place is well known in divers and abseilers who’re keen to climb the rock face, though access to the water involves wading through a 120 metres flooded tunnel and down a scaffolding ladder. Several legends believe, that the lake has claimed the lives of quite a few divers over the years that have gotten lost in the tunnels.

A 45-year-old man had to be rescued after falling 20ft while abseiling in the quarry in 2012. He was rescued during a hardworking two-hour operation by a team of 20 members of Coniston Mountain Rescue Team. So, no one knows how many people have seen or noticed the skull. Therefore, it is only really becomes visible when the water is flat calm, and you look at the view sideways. You also need to be down next to the water, which isn't a trip everyone would want to make. Though, the quarry stopped working in the early-to-mid 20th Century, and is a prevalent climbing and diving venue. It is frequently used as an abseiling location by outdoor instructors. There’s stillness and a very eerie atmosphere around the place. The area is uses for training for various aspects of rope rescue and familiarization to allow us to respond effectively to incidents at the quarry and can't see the skull reflection from the top you have to scramble down to the pit of the quarry and walk to the water’s edge to see it. When you look at the reflection of the skull in the deep dark water, it's quite chilling. However, bearing in mind the status of the area, it is a very worrying moment when the skull appears out of nowhere with crystal clarity.