Saturday, 17 October 2015

Oman’s Breathtaking Forest, only Blooms for Three Months in a Year

The jungle of Oman’s revealed in a series of photographs, which is incredibly pop-up forest in desert only blooms for three months in a year. The oasis is located on a 155 mile stretch of land same to the length of Jamaica and at its deepest, the monsoon only extends about 18 miles from the shore. The Jungle of Arabia has amazing overnight transformation from arid desert to breathtaking rainforest. The sensation once in a year is really incredible to see from the end of July to the beginning of September, mainly known by Salalah Khareef, or the Salalah Monsoon, transforms a massive tract of land seemingly overnight into a striking emerald haven for locals and animals (including hundreds of camels). The average temperatures drop from a burning 50 degrees to a cool 20, however  dry conditions nine months of the year means that Salalah does not have enduring lakes or running rivers - nonetheless during the monsoon waterfalls can be seen flowing over the cliffs. Therefore, on the grassy hills of Salalah live the Jibbali people who have be inherent in there for hundreds of years.

A landscape architect Andrew Anderson at the Oman Botanic Garden sharing his experience, even the fog sometimes becomes so thick that you cannot see your hand in front of your face. The forested slopes of the escarpment are a true global marvel for 9 months of the year, although, they’re mostly barren and leafless, but during the monsoon, they turn into an amusing, green, sub-tropical forest, dense with vegetation and dripping with moisture. Indeed, this is scientifically a cloud forest but it is the only area in the world where this rich, wet cloud forest transforms to and from a dry, arid environment. After three months the land reheats and turns back into its dry and dusty former condition. 

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