Wednesday, 26 August 2015

China’s first Ecological Overwater Road

These days, no country can negate the importance of motorways. The developed countries are making roads in a systematic and planned way to meet the future travel needs. When you look around, you’ll amaze the complex structure of bridges, bridges, flyovers and tunnels. One of super power China has opened a new stretch of road that interlinks Xingshang County to the Zhaojun Bridge in central China’s Hubei province. The motorway is four kilometers long section of the ten kilometers route is built on top of an elevated bridge that runs along the middle of a river valley. The latest route will cut down 20 minutes travel time from Xingshan to the Yiba Expressway, and at the same time drivers can have remarkable scenery. The transit time originally took close to an hour along a steep and convoluted road.

“Chen Xingda” the project manager of the road says, when the idea of motorway was first proposed in 2013, there were three different possible routes available. However, two of the routes comprise digging a tunnel through the mountains in the area. Therefore, the third option was a longer route and involved building on water. After a long consideration the project engineers opt to select the third option because that would enable them to protect the large quantity of plants and woodland in the mountains.

Those involved in the project claim this to be China’s first “ecological overwater road”. The overwater highway cost US$320,000 (about 2 million yuan) to construct which was approximately half of the $700,000 (4.4 million yuan) it cost to build the entire thing. The stretch of this motorway has recently completed in Xingshan County of China’s Hubei Province. Are the bridge’s creators crazy, or crazy like an ecologically minded fox? We’re sure, once you see the pictures; you’d entice to drive on this motorway. Check out the most anticipated overwater motorway in the world.