Friday, 12 June 2015

An Abandoned Fishing Village in Gouqi Island Slowly Taken Over by Nature

Human beings are used to developing the natural world into settlements but here's what happens when nature adopts to take it back. An abandoned fishing Gouqi Island belongs to a group of approximately 400 islands recognized as Shengsi Islands, and forms a part of the Zhoushan Archipelago. It is located outside of Hangzhou Bay, and it is the largest archipelago of China. The seaside village now lies empty since it was more economical for the fishermen to move and work on the mainland where they can catch easily be transported and sold. 

Thus, traditionally Zhoushan had been dependent on heavily on its main industry, which is fishing, given Zhoushan is the largest fishery in China. These days the secondary and tertiary industries have been developed, which Zhoushan's economic base has been mostly varied? Ship building and repairing, shipping, light industry, tourism and service industry grow to be the major contributors of local economic output. Therefore, several fishing villages have nowadays become abandoned, and some of the best preserved villages are located in Gouqi Island. Moreover, with the magnificent lush greenery and plant creepers crawling all over the buildings and houses, it looks for the entire world like nature has reclaimed what was once part of the manmade world now it's no longer required. 

The Shengsi Islands are a famous tourist destination, and have been described as a paradise for seafood lover; it is still an important fishery area that entices over 100,000 fishermen every winter. These beautiful photographs have taken by Jane Qing, a creative photographer based in Shanghai; take us into this lost village on the stunning archipelago.Source: Charismatic Planet