Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Angel Oak Tree, More Than 450 Years Old Tree in South Carolina

The Angel Oak Tree is a Southern live oak located in Angel Oak Park on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina. The exact date is missing, but it is believe the Angel Oak Tree is estimated more than 450 years old. It stands 66.5 feet tall, measures 28 feet in circumference, and produces massive shade that covers more than 17,200 square feet. The Angel Oak tree is the longest branch distance is 187 feet in length. Angel Oak was the 210th tree to be registered with the Live Oak Society. As you can imagine that natural disasters can damage to any tree in the world, and same was happened with Angel Oak tree, which were badly damage during Hurricane Hugo in 1989, but tree has tremendously recovered. So, therefore the City of Charleston has owned the tree and surrounding park since 1991. Angel Oak is a live oak and it is native to the low country and is not very tall but has a wide spread canopy.

The Angel Oak tree stands on land that was part of Abraham Weight’s 1717 land grant. The oak originates its name from the estate of Justis and Martha Angel, and local inhabitants tell traditional stories of ghosts of former slaves appearing as angels around the tree. Well, in spite of popular belief that the tree is the oldest one in the east of Mississippi River, but else, there are several bald cypress trees throughout the South which are many hundreds of years older. As the times passes, and modernization development taking place all over the world, and in 2012, development is started to encroach on the site of the Angel Oak, to build a 500 unit apartment complex, but Angel Oak was seriously challenged in court by a group called save the oldest tree and the coastal conversation league, their major concerns included the construction effect on available groundwater and nutrients. For visitors who haven't visited Angel Oak, you should know that it is this state's most impressive work of nature, more inspiring even than a plate of shrimp and grits. In the spring and summer season, there are various events take place, i.e.,  "Evening Under the Angel Oak" , dramatic presentations, and numerous other activities, particularly during the Spoleto Festival in May and June.