Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mabed - Istanbul from Minarets (Fragman)

Temple "Minarets of Istanbul" project Time-lapse documentary film fragments. Since 2013 the FSMs sponsorship and construction works are continuing around and minarets. Temple’s documentary film, Faith Sultan Mehmet, is operated by the Şadoğl mosque minarets are leading so far: I Tarihiy to tell the island's Istanbul mosque minaret yet though we all just up the road and we’ve found out multiple times in fact our most important historic buildings. We also do not forget to take the minaret of panoramic photos. The project in which all Tarihiy islands of the minarets of the mosque Istanbul themed monitoring. Time-lapse film as a documentary temple is thought to be supported with video.

1. Blue Mosque - 2 - 4 and 6 Minarets
2 - Hagia Sophia - 2 Cross minarets.
3 - Fatih Mosque Minarets
4 - Sulaymaniyah - Cevahir and rear Minarets
5 - Prince Mosque Minaret
6 - Nuruosmaniye Mosque Minaret
7 - Firuzağa Mosque Minaret
8 - Sultan Selim Minaret
9 - New Mosque Minaret
10 - Beyazit fire tower (Minaret intention)
And a number of domes

Mufti Mufti of Istanbul and Fatih thanks.


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Mabed - Istanbul from Minarets (Fragman) from fsms on Vimeo.