Sunday, 29 March 2015

Iceland 4K - Shot on Nikon D800

The quick-lapse technique is a way to create ultra-high resolution real time video. By taking continuous bursts of still images and applying time interpolation algorithms in post-production to fill up the missing frames we’re able to make unsurpassed video quality. Moreover for the last year we have been developing the Quick lapse workflow which is ideal for premiere global destinations, states, resorts, interior design and iconic architecture projects. The story started back in year 2012 when Miguel de Olaso, Macgregor (co-founder of Sanchez-Olaso) found himself in trouble during a trip to Iceland, when an accessory cable the external recorder of his Sony F35 cinema camera was damaged and that left him unable to work for the rest of his trip.
Since he didn't want to come back home without quality footage of the wonderful Nordic landscapes he decided to use his Nikon D800 as a backup camera. But instead of shooting regular HD video with it, Miguel took advantage of the camera’s burst mode to take continuous still photographs with the idea of turning them into real time video.
He noticed that he could manage a constant 5 fps burst (in JPEG mode) up to hundred images (Nikon’s weird limit), which was far from the standard 24/25 fps of conventional video but absolutely faster than any standard time-lapse technique. Meanwhile he wanted to capture real time video the idea of interpolating in post the missing frames to achieve those 25fps was a bit crazy but an stimulating challenge.

Cinematography by Macgregor

Music by Rhian Sheehan -

Quicklapse technology by

Iceland 4K - shot on Nikon D800 from Macgregor on Vimeo.