Monday, 26 January 2015

Cascade l'éventail Waterfall France

L'Eventail is one of the two largest Herisson Waterfalls. It is also called Les Cascades du Herisson (The Hérisson Waterfalls or Waterfalls of the Hérisson; also Les Cascades de Hérisson with one less definite article) was possibly the one waterfall excursion in France that made us must see waterfalls in our sleep. That was because the Herisson Valley harbored at least seven significant waterfalls on the Herisson River (at least three of them were major high-volume waterfalls of over 35m) plus we noticed a few side cascades and waterfalls draining into the river itself. A path (leaving from Doucier, further west) leads to the foot of the Cascade de l'Eventail, from where there is the best view. The path then leads very steeply uphill to the top of the waterfall.

The Herisson River was sourced by Lake Bonlieu and the Ilay Lakes so the waterfalls were said to flow year-round. Actually, this site was well-thought-out a heritage site in France due to its history of human habitation as well as its scenic attraction. This beautiful waterfall series was the main picturesque attraction in the Jura department of the Franche-Comté region an area that was also recognized as le pays qui respire or the country that breathes (suggesting you can relax and have room to breathe here). Surely, after partaking in our own self-guided hike while breathing in the cool and misty mountain air, it certainly felt like we were in a very distant part of the country. 


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