Monday, 18 August 2014

World’s Biggest Backyard Swimming Pool in Texas

Did you know the world's biggest backyard swimming pool is in the Houston area? A beautiful small town nearly 70 miles southwest of Houston, is famous for its farming history and immigrant heritage, now is the home to world's largest backyard swimming pool well built in 2009 by Kuykendall Custom Pools Inc. in Conroe, the resort-style pool belongs to Mike Mobley and his family, who have shared the amenity with the community. The swimming pool is having 21-foot water slide, two hot tubs, sunken bar, outdoor kitchen, six waterfalls and 500-foot "lazy river," the $3 million pool is a unique one-day destination, which is built on the site of a two-acre pond. 

The Mobleys' holds 600,000 gallons of water; and they removed some water not to scrimp but to give the lazy river an optional faster speed. Some new, stronger pumps were installed, and the bottom was raised to decrease the load on them. It looks like an oversized community swimming pool; everyone has a good time here. Indeed this is a great place to come relax, kick back. Usually every Sunday we come to BBQ, go swimming. The kids play. The swimming pool was once a pond, and all family members, friends, businessmen, and wedding parties have taken place to relish the huge 600,000 gallon pool water. 

The maintenance of swimming pool is really terrible because of the grass and overgrowth on it. Mobley’s wanted a pool where the whole town could come and take a free dip so he asked pool builder Rick Kuykendall to transform the country pond into a tropical oasis. There’s a rock waterfall built here, along with gumnut tree with a rope on it. The most interesting attraction in the backyard is the 500 foot, adjustable speed lazy river. So are you ready for day out a trip with your friends, family, love ones? It’s a must see place.