Tuesday, 1 July 2014

World’s Largest Underground Trampoline United Kingdom

Bounce Below is the world's largest underground trampoline, bounce and slide facility is ready to open for general public on 4 July 2014. A set of three massive trampolines within the Llechwedd caverns in Wales brings trampolining to a whole new terrain. The old mining cavern is twice the size of St. Paul's Cathedral contains three mammoth trampolines and a 60ft slide. The activity lasts about one hour and visitors are supplied with cotton overalls and safety helmets before jumping on the train and taken inside the mountain. The train disembarks customers into a cavern lit up by an amazing display of lights. The three trampolines are connected by stairways and slides. The colorful lit caverns are the latest attraction at the regeneration project, which has seen over £1 million invested in it so far. 

Sean Taylor; the owner of Zip World said: We got this idea when my business partner saw this done in woods in France but this has never been done in a cavern, this is really a world first in Wales. Employees preparing the attraction had to work using portable lamps and carried out around 500 tons of rubble from the cavern. The first trampoline is 20ft off the ground, the second is 60ft and the third is 180ft high. They’re connected by shoots and you get in via a walk way in to the middle trampoline.