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Gardens of Marqueyssac at Vezac France

The Château de Marqueyssac is a 17th-century gardens located at Vézac, in the Dordogne Department of France. The château was built at the end of the 17th century by Bertrand Vernet de Marqueyssac, Counselor to Louis XIV, on cliffs overlooking the Dordogne Valley. The boxwood trees plantation works started way back in 1860’s which have been carved in magnificent shape, and several in groups of rounded shapes like flocks of sheep. Therefore; with the passage of time several new plants added in the gardens, like linden trees, cypress trees, and stone pine from Italy, and the cyclamen from Naples. 

Unfortunately after 1950’s the gardens were not well maintained. But in the 1996, the gardens was restored to their old character and added some new features including an alley of santolina and rosemary and, in the romantic spirit of the 19th century, a course of water descending from the belvedere and ending in a cascade. The gardens were opened to the public in 1996. Since then gardens have been classified amongst the Distinguished Gardens of France by the Committee of Parks and Gardens of the French Ministry of Culture. It is well believed by nature lovers that The Gardens of Marqueyssac is one of the world's most magnificent gardens. 

The Gardens of Marqueyssac is the greatest Gardens of the Périgord. The beautiful romantic and attractive gardens of Marqueyssac provides over 6 KM of shaded paths bordered by 150000 hand-pruned box trees a hundred years old, the whole embellished with belvederes, waterways, rockeries and grassy clearings. The Belvedere, at 130 meters above the river, gives an exceptional view of the Dordogne valley with its castles and some of the most beautiful villages of France. The Gardens of Marqueyssac also offers splendid views of the Dordogne valley between Beynac and La Roque-Gageache. The garden is attractively decorated with belvederes, rocks, grass glades, water, dry-stone huts, roundabout, a Gothic chapel, and playgrounds for children. The sparkling, rounded forms of the garden are cautiously manicured by active attendants, maintaining a design that was first developed over 300 years ago.

Source: Charismatic Planet 

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