Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sajjikot Waterfall Havelian Pakistan

Sajjikot village is located at a distance of approximately 24 kilometers from Havailian in the Hazara region of KPK province in Pakistan. Sajikot waterfall is one of the most good-looking but rarely visited waterfalls in that region. You will have to pass through Havelian city. Just before the bridge on a big Nala you will take a right turn (If you are coming from Haripur side. Then you should ask about the Sajjikot road. It is a very popular road and village and everyone in Havelian knows about it and will guide you to the right path. However; the first few kilometers in Havelian and in the suburbs the road is not in good condition. But once you are out of Havelian the road is in excellent condition. The only bad thing about this road is the enormous speed breakers in almost every town that we pass on the road.

Also note that during this 25KM patch you will ascend and there’re a few hair pin bends with steep ascend just like Pir Sohawa. Therefore; if you’re comfortable to take your transport to Pir Sohawa there will be no problem at all for you to take it to Sajjikot. It is roughly one and half kilometer ahead of Sajjikot market on the same road. When you’ll cross Sajjikot Nala, you’ll see waterfall is visible from the road or at least audible from the road. Also note that it is a three step waterfall. The first two are small steps and the last one and the most well-known one is huge. But the upper two steps are also lovely. If you want to visit them then you should descend just before the main waterfall. Sometimes it is get polluted by visitors. The height of the waterfall is around 200 feet from the very top, where a smaller waterfall goes into an emerald pond before falling further down into a bigger, shallow pool of emerald waters. The area is badly littered with plastic bags and I reckon that the sewer waste from Sajikot village makes its way into this water as well.