Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe United States

The unseen beauty of Bonsai Rock is located a little south of Sand Harbor, it is on the east side of Lake Tahoe the Nevada side, USA. Bonsai Rock has about four trees which look like they’re just bursting out of the rock. The trees seem to be miniature same like a Bonsai Tree due to the fact that the rock is limiting the trees’ development. The sun setting over Bonsai Rock is a magnet for photographers and as you can see from the amazing shots below for a good reason. Bonsai Rock is simply can say a distinctive place, as trees growing out of the rock. The trees look to be Bonsai Trees because of the fact that the trees growth is prohibited by the rock itself. Bonsai is an art form but this may be an example of naturally occurring Bonsai. For photographers, Bonsai Rocks in Lake Tahoe in California/Nevada should earn a place on your bucket list. The epic rock formations makes for amazing images commonly known as ‘Bonsai Rock’, a small boulder close to the shore line that has tiny little trees growing from the top against all odds. 

Getting to Bonsai Rock is a bit tricky to bear. It is semi steep and unstable path and make sure you’re wearing the proper shoes. Photographers love this place when sun is setting behind Bonsai rock. That’s the right to capture the real beauty of Bonsai Rocks. Bring your tripod, camera with wide angle lens, filters, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a cable release. Do take caution. It wouldn’t recommend this spot to anyone with disabilities and it wouldn’t hurt to take a buddy with you just in case. This place has various challenges but if you come prepared it’s worth all the trouble. You will come away with some delightful photos.

Most photographers suggest going in summer for low tide shots that expose more of the white sand and smaller rocks. This will also give you more foreground options and give ‘Bonsai Rock’ a little more height. However; If you go in winter and get those amazing shots that have snow on the rocks and mountains. If you ski as well you’ll be in heaven.