Sunday, 16 March 2014

Kaziranga National Park India

The oldest park in Assam is Kaziranga National Park actually lies partly in Golaghat District and Nagaon District. It covers an area of 430 Sq Kms along the river Brahmaputra on the North and Karbi Anglong hills on the South. The National Highway 37 passes through the park area and tea estates, hemmed by table-top tea bushes. The park has actually been declared as National Park in 1974, and is world heritage site and famous for to see the rhinos and wild elephants straying near the highway. The landscape of park is comprises of sheer forest, tall elephant grass, rugged reeds, marshes & shallow pools. It is one of least area in eastern India undisturbed by a human presence.
It is occupied by the world's largest population of one-horned rhinoceroses, as well as many mammals, including elephants, panthers, tigers, bears, Snakes, Lizards, Turtles and Tortoises, Crocodiles, and thousands of birds & other species. The park normally opens from November to April and Tourists can take rides on elephants to move around the park or cruise in a boat on the Brahmaputra along the park. The flora of National Park is mainly consists of alluvial inundated grasslands, tropical wet evergreen forests, dense and tall elephants grass intermixed by small swamplands. The Kaziranga National Park is an abundant cover of water lilies, water hyacinth and lotus, offering stunning view of surroundings of park. Rattan Cane, (A Climbing Palm) also adds natural beauty of park.
The climate of Kaziranga National Park is varied season wise, normally hot and humid in April to June, and warms days in winter Nov to Jan. During monsoon the park is flooded by the water of Brahmaputra which caused Kaziranga becomes inaccessible. There is only method of getting around inside Kaziranga National Park is through a Jeep or elephant safari, which is more feasible. There are several shops at entrance selling different forest products & handicrafts. Hiking in Kaziranga is strictly prohibited to stop man-animal conflicts, so going on a jeep or elephant-back tour are the only options.Source: Charismatic Planet