Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Ancient City of Mohenjo-Daro Pakistan

Mohenjodaro is an ancient city of Pakistan, approximately 5000 year old city located at northwestern Sindh of Pakistan. Mohenjodaro is historical significance on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and major tourist attraction because of its fascinating archaeological site. This place displays the real ruins life of Indus Valley civilization which is best persevered urban ruins in South Asia. Mohenjodaro was built circa 2,600BCE with a population of 35,000 to 50,000, one of the largest and most advanced cities at that time with wonderfully sophisticated civil engineering and urban planning. The city was abandoned for unknown reason perhaps due to river courses.
It’s a great must visit city for those who’ve interest in history. But for that you must choose bit cooler months, which starts from October till March. On the other side, you might be prepared for yourself for blisteringly hot weather. The highest temperature recorded was 53.5°C (128°F), here on 26 May 2010, which is highest reliably measured temperature in Asia, and the fourth highest temperature recorded anywhere in the world. Mohenjodaro ruins were first discovered in 1911. Its name has associated in Sindhi Language, & also known as Harappan Civilization (Another main archaeological site at Harappa in Pakistan).
It is estimated, that one third site has been explored. Mohenjodaro site is inside a complex surrounded by a wall and only accessible via main entrance gate. It is only pedestrian’s area, and can be easily covered on foot. The complex open time is varied depends on hot and cooler months. Cold drinks, water and tea are main choices to fight with dry climate; only one PTDC hotel offers some good food which is already catering too many people. There are also a few small general stores and stalls outside the complex that sell some food such as snacks, soft drinks, and bottled water. There’re only two lodging facilities here, Archaeology Rest house, and PTDC Motel. Tourist can find various things outside complex, like gift shop, seals, stones, souvenirs, books written on Mohenjodaro. Source: Charismatic Planet