Sunday, 9 February 2014

Butterfly Valley Turkey

Butterfly valley is located about 15 kilometers south of Ölüdeniz and 30 km south of Fethiye. The Butterfly Valley is protected by the World Heritage Foundation and gets its name from the exclusive butterfly species. Faralya was well-known simply as the "village on the cliffs of the Butterfly Valley" till in recent times, when travelers begin to take a deeper look to the village, actually a quite pleasant sight to see, with its houses and gardens cascading towards the cliffs of the Valley. There are over 60 different species of butterfly in the valley several appearing in the day time and others only venturing out at night. Butterfly Valley actually discovered by hippies in 1990s when their beloved Blue Lagoon was lost to mass tourism. There are numerous rare butterflies and for those who are enthusiasts there is a small museum located in the valley dedicated to giving more in depth information about the species that can be found there. 

A narrow and winding road connects the village to Ölüdeniz, although the distance is not to much where it joins the main highway towards Fethiye near the Blue Lagoon. Though the distance is not that huge, it takes about 30 minutes to drive this road because of the conditions. During peak season June-August there are boats three times a day from Ölüdeniz to the Butterfly Valley. Hiking is another activity from Ovacik, and most hikers do the 16 Kilometers track in one day. But two days track is much more convenient, especially in summer. The butterfly valley and village are connected by a very steep and dangerous path. At many places there’s a need of mountaineering skills. Normally it takes one hour to do the entire path, depends upon your physical fitness, with two young backpackers having died when attempting the route in the last decade. It is highly recommended to never take shortcuts and always stick to the route marked with red dots because taking a shortcut was the reason of death of one of the backpackers 

The path starts from in front of the guesthouse George House up in the village and marked with red dots all along it.  Local residents used to know this area by the name Güdürümsü before the valley was re-christened with the rather romantic current name.  Faralya market provides only grocery store of the village which offers a very meager selection of vegetables, snacks, and drinks, although the prices are higher even paying twice or three times more than elsewhere.  In butterfly valley only two options are available for night stay, the Bungalows or camping in a tent. But if you select to stay in the village you’ve number of guest houses and hotels. If you choose to stay up in the village itself, you have a number of guesthouses and hotels to choose from.