Friday, 27 September 2013

Pailon Del Diablo Ecuador

Pailon Del Diablo is a stunning waterfall in Ecuador, can be called a real beauty of the mountains, crystal clear rivers and eye-catching waterfalls is a combination that is tremendously breathtaking. Pailon Del Diablo is a noteworthy waterfall located on the Pastaza River which is only 30 minutes from the city of Banos in Ecuador. Pastaza is a large tributary to the river Maranon in Amazon South of the Northwestern USA. Pailon Del Diablo has a height of about 100 meters long and has a water temperature of about 23 ° C, this is the most striking waterfalls in the region of Ecuador, visited by domestic and foreign tourists. Many tourists are attracted by the loveliness of the turquoise waters. If you want to watch waterfalls more closely you can down the trail while enjoying plants around the streets like orchid, Hydrangea and other woodland spring plants. It’s the perfect scenery to be on the same side of the waterfall.
It’s covered with dense jungle from all sides, the visit to the waterfall Pailon Del Diablo could also be as a bird watching Tour as one of the attractions of interest. You can see a number of bird species in the forests. Some types of birds like ducks, gulls, Andean condor, curiquingue, congos, pilco real or chicken and Hummingbird flowers, real, and peak of the sword. In addition to the birds you can see species such as bear, glasses, mono machin, tapir, jaguar, puma, hedgehog, and guanta and bot pangolin. Not less interesting flora like pumamaqui, yagual, Ramos, gentians, grass, frailejon Bromeliaceae, Anthurium, Heliconia and Palm also adorn the attractiveness all around. Mosses and ferns exist around the waterfall also complement the prettiness that is perfect for travelers.

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